October 27th, 2009



Загнала в ПРомт стих про Восточную Абхазию. Он даже всего лишь один раз, кажется, поиздевался над смыслом;-)

... And thickets shades flash,
Fires in mountains and a shade of mountains.
They - my acquisition
On this eternity, since then.

The asphalt of roads broken in shreds,
Again run wild earth -
Gardens of Abkhazia East,
Its overgrown fields.

But mountain wood are invariable,
Rains that streams will generate,
Yes these stone walls
And towers ancient - drawn games.

Under them - the rivers proceed,
At them - logs and bridges,
They are left forever,
Неразрушимы - also are empty.

We away from them will leave at night,
Having left memories in exchange
Fields of Abkhazia East,
Fires of roads and stone of walls.